More Testimonials from clients of Therese Sorrentino, LMFT

From P.S. and D.S

When my wife and I began marriage therapy with Therese, our relationship was troubled. Therese saw that we wanted to make our relationship work. She helped us to grow together by giving us the tools to communicate and interact with each other more effectively and lovingly.

Thanks to Therese's understanding, caring, and even (at times) tough approach, my wife and I have been able to enjoy a much better relationship. Our relationship continues to get better using the tools Therese has empowered us with, and we are very thankful to be together.

From P.G.

My therapy sessions with Therese Sorrentino have been very uplifting. Each time I have a session with her I am able to leave feeling better about myself. She has given me good advice and offers excellent suggestions to help me work through my problems. One of Therese Sorrentino's best qualities is that she listens to what I'm saying. She makes me feel that she truly understands my problem. She has never made me feel that I was wrong to have the feelings that I am experiencing.

From J.B

I have been a patient of Therese Sorrentino's for two years and have found her style of therapy both comforting and productive. Therese has a calm, confident nature that helped me work through the issues that I was facing without feeling judged. In addition to listening and offering constructive solutions, Therese taught me valuable tools for balancing my professional and personal life, working through childhood programming, coping with my new role as a mother, and building and maintaining a strong marriage. I have such confidence in her ability as a therapist that I have referred her to several of my closest friends.

From M.L

Your parenting insights and wisdom provided "Jesuit Parents In Touch" with a deeper appreciation for raising adolescents. Your presentation left us with several practical tools, strategies, and resources to help us conquer the challenges of parenting and child-rearing. Parents were attentive, engaged and appreciative.

From P.B

Therese Sorrentino was great with my son during his appointment. He was very nervous before the appointment but she made him feel good and he wanted her to know this.

From S.M

Victims of Crime Services On behalf of the Victims Services Program staff, I would like to thank you for the excellent presentation you delivered at our annual Victim Services Representatives Forum. Your remarks were very informative and were presented in an effective manor. Your selfless efforts to improve services provided to crime victims demonstrates a special understanding and compassion for those in need.

From K.F

Therese has excellent skills as a therapist. She has unique blend of knowledge, experience, empathy, and compassion that produces impressive results.

From G.F

Therese provided excellent help and support. I told Therese that I would wait for the day that I could say "Therese, I'm feeling better!". That day arrived and it's all because of you! Thank you.

From Sharon

We are truly grateful for Therese and all that she has accomplished with our teenager during a time of crisis. Not only did she foster the trust and openness with our daughter, she extended her compassion to our family as well. She supported us through this unfamiliar experience, patiently explaining treatment plans and providing questions we should ask of our daughter's doctors, when we weren't getting the help our daughter needed. As a parent, there is no higher praise I can give than to say...I trust Therese with our daughter. Our daughter has a very bright future ahead of her and Therese's care and guidance has given our daughter the strength to embrace it.