Therese specializes in couples counseling and has successfully assisted many of her clients with improving the quality of their relationships by developing better communication skills and reducing conflict.

Therese can help you cope with a wide variety of relationship issues.

Reduce marital conflict
Improve your communication
Resolve and mediate divorce
Cope with betrayal and infidelity
How to become a better listener
Learning to fight fairly
Discover what makes you feel loved
Getting the intimacy back
Learn to respond instead of react

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Life is a journey where you can choose to discover and practice the personal tools that can build a foundation from which we can live the best life has to offer.

Therese can help you grow and

Increase self esteem.
Cope with life changes
Cosmetic & Bariatric Surgery therapy
Deal with loneliness
Develope a satisfying life single
Dealing with grief and loss
Manage depression and anxiety
Recover from an abusive relationship
Making your relationship a priority
Remove obstacles to success
Challenges due to finances
Sexual disturbances & addiction

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Learn to Meditate

Why Meditation?

Meditation is to the mind what aerobic exercise is to the body. It’s like a bicep curls for your brain. Like exercise, there are many good ways to do it and with my help you can find the one that best suites you.

Studies have shown that regular mediation promotes mindfulness (sustained observing awareness), whose benefits include: decreased stress-related cortisol, insomnia, symptoms of autoimmune illness, PMS, asthma, falling back into depression, general emotional distress, anxiety, panic and increased immune system factors, control of blood sugar, detachment from reactions, self-understanding and general well-being.

Let me introduce you to this invaluable tool for a better life!

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